I grew up drinking Tang orange juice.

I drank it with my merienda. I had it for my baon. We prepared punch bowls of it for birthday parties.

And I’m so happy it’s still around! Can you believe that Tang has been around for 46 years???

That’s how good the product is. And because the brand knows how to innovate, there are now 16 different Tang flavors for us to enjoy.

There are new flavors like mango, pineapple, dalandan, pomelo (perfect for pomelo gin!), mixed berries, and guyabano, which is my current favorite.

However, orange will forever be special in my heart because one sip of Tang orange juice instantly brings me back to my childhood days when my late lola was still alive and would prepare me a cold refreshing glass of it.

I’m happy that my daughter can enjoy the same exact drink that I enjoyed when I was her age – and she’s not just limited to orange.

The good thing is that because Tang is made with real fruit extracts, it has vitamins A, B2, B3, C, iron, and folate so Sadako and other kids 7 – 9 get more nutrients in every glass.

Parents will also like how it is so affordable. Each liter pack costs just P16.45 – making five glasses.

Now I can’t wait to taste all the new flavors with the family.