Sadako and I recently got invited to the #CheezWhizCheeseventions event of Cheez Whiz and of course we said yes!

Before the program started, Sadako had some time to be part of fun activities.

She was tasked to spread Cheez Whiz on bread, and it was so cute to see her focused and competitive even if she was JUST SPREADING CHEEZ WHIZ ON BREAD.

She had to pose beside a standee of Cowcium (love the name!), the Cheez Whiz mascot.

And she had to write something on the freedom wall (she doodled, actually).

After all those she got a goodie bag. She took a peek and said wow when she saw all the Cheez Whiz products inside because she loves anything cheese so much.

The main activity was a cooking demo with Chef DJ Santos plus Bettinna Carlos and her daughter Gummy.

The first dish was a ham and cheese sandwich tower. Sadako customized hers to look like Rapunzel’s tower, complete with Rapunzel’s hair – made of Cheez Whiz, of course.

The second one was much simpler – cupcakes topped with Cheez Whiz and designed with biscuits and popcorn.

I tried to help her from time to time but Sadako would assure me that she can do it on her own. After about five times of doing that, I got the message loud and clear! It was actually nice to see her all independent and creative making those dishes.

Sadako and the other kids got awarded certificates after the demos. Look at Sadako’s smile – it’s as if she graduated from college HAHAHA.

Another fun day bonding with Sadako, thanks to Cheez Whiz. I’m looking forward to attending more events with Sadako.