We love going to the mall as a family. As in we go to the mall at least once a week.

What do we do? We eat, we buy Sadako a toy, and we window shop. That’s pretty much it.

It becomes a routine sometimes and it can be a little boring so we love it when there’s a free show or an exhibit or some other fun event.

Recently we found a cool activity place called Kiddy’s Arts Town inside Landmark Trinoma. It’s an art activity place where kids can have fun developing their creativity. They have a lot of activities like DIY bags, sand art, and woodcrafts, but their most popular one is something called Color Buddy.

Color Buddy is actually a coloring activity using paint inside little plastic bottles. The kid chooses a pattern, fills it in with paint, and then the artwork is baked so the finished product can be used as a sticker that you can bring home and put on mirrors or windows.

There’s a lot of designs to choose from such as animals and cartoon characters (Pokemons, Angry Birds), plus enough colors of paint to use (about 14). There are also toothpicks to help spread or mix the paint, and cotton buds to help clean up some little spills. Each kid gets to wear an apron, too, to protect clothes from spills.

Kiddy’s Arts Town is a nice place where you can leave your kid and the yaya when you want some alone time or need to run some errands. It’s also a great place for bonding with your kid, actually.

Check out their website HERE for more info.