And so one day I noticed that Sadako’s bangs were a little too long; they were past her eyebrows and right into her eyes so she ended up scratching them all the time. I told her we’d go to a kiddie salon at the mall but we’d always end up forgetting about it or not going to the mall.

And so I decided to cut them myself. I had done it several times before. It was pretty easy and I always delivered decent results. Well, except for the first time – but that’s pretty understandable since it was the first time, right?

Well, history repeated itself. I cut her bangs and it was pretty crooked so I cut some more hair, and some more, and then some more, until I realized I overdid it – and so I stopped.

It wasn’t that bad, really. You can even call it “style.” I mean I’ve seen a lot of Korean girls sport the same bangs. Even Bjork sported it when she was small.

But Sadako’s mom wouldn’t have it.

After lunch at the mall, I wanted to snack and surf at J.Co but we ended up at Tony and Jackey.

It was Sadako’s first time at a regular salon so it was fun to see her get a shampoo and a blowdry and sit on a normal chair – not one of those car-shaped ones.

The hairstylist basically fixed her bangs and layered the back, plus curled the ends – much to Sadako’s delight.

It was pretty fast, actually.

Sadako’s bangs may be super short right now and while it will eventually grow, I learned my lesson: we will go straight to the salon next time. No DIYs at home.