December is such a stressful time for me.

At work, we usually have a lot of events that we need to mount, plus there's a lot of Christmas parties to attend -- to think that the month doesn't have a lot of work days.

When it comes to Sadako, she has some exams before the Christmas break, the school Christmas party, plus a lot of people to give gifts to.

And then there's Christmas shopping for gifts for everyone else, wrapping them (which I enjoy, actually), and trying to meet and spend quality time with everyone: family, friends, batchmates.

Because of all these, plus the weather and the tendency to overeat and/or pig out on all the sinful stuff, getting sick is very possible.

This is why I try to always be extra cautious this time of the year and remind myself to be healthy.

One thing I do is regularly take Berocca. Packed with Vitamin B complex, ascorbic acid, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, it helps me get more out of my day because it helps enhance mental and physical performance.

I also love that it is sugar-free and caffeine-free, but that it comes in yummy flavors like citrus, orange, and mixed berries.

Each tube has 15 effervescent tablets that are a joy to watch fizz, so I need just two tubes every month.

Berocca would actually make a nice Christmas gift -- the gift of health perfect for monito-monita, or exchange gift at work, or for those who seem to have everything.