I am addicted to chicken wings. It’s something I can eat all the time. Good thing it can come in different rubs or glazes and with a variety of sauces. There are times when I like it with rice (which is usually hahaha) and other times when making papak is okay.

I recently got to try the good stuff from Wingstop and based on my experience I think I’ll be having lots more of their food regularly.

I like my chicken wings wet and saucy and sweet so it was love at first bite when I tried Wingstop’s batterfried wings in mango habanero and honey garlic. The two flavors are different but equally addicting. They are so flavorful so eating them with rice is a good suggestion. 

For a change, I tried partnering them with Wingstop fries and onion rings, and that ended up being a good combination.

Honeybun likes her chicken dry (but with a dip) so she enjoyed the classic wing in Louisiana rub dipped in ketchup (and then blue cheese dip, and then the honey mustard sauce).

As for Sadako, she doesn’t like spicy stuff just like a lot of kids so she was perfectly fine with the classic wing in garlic parmesan – dipped in ketchup. You know how kids are.

Wingstop has so many other flavors (thus the hashtag #FlavorInvasion2017) and based on our very good experience, we all can’t wait to check out their other offerings and pick new favorites.