I’m always one the lookout for yummy snacks for the office and these Graham cracker sandwiches from La Pacita caught my attention at the supermarket recently.

I was like, oo nga noh. It’s such a no-brainer when you come to think of it, but then no one really thought of it earlier but it really makes perfect sense. I guess we were all busy using Graham crackers for mango floats and ref cakes and s’mores.

Good thing La Pacita came up with these Graham cracker sandwiches.

The chocolate and peanut butter flavors were pretty expected but they’re still so good.

I especially like the peanut butter flavor but both really complement the crunch and taste of the Graham crackers.

My super favorite has got to be the cream cheese flavor. The cream cheese filling is pretty good, with that slightly sour-salty taste. It’s genius!

I love all of them so much I didn’t even get the chance to share them with Sadako. Guess I’ll be buying twice as much the next time we go to the supermarket.