Cadbury Dairy Milk has got to be one of my favorite chocolates. Some people find it too sweet, but I love sweet so I really love Cadbury. I have a lot of good memories involving it. I remember trying out all their flavors (my favorite is Fruit & Nut, but I also tried out and liked their other cool flavors like Black Forest) and finishing all these big bars all by myself. I remember saving the wrappers and using them as stationery, trying to carefully and perfectly peel out the gold wrapper, and loving it when the chocolate got all melted.

Another favorite snack of mine? Oreo cookies (just like 99% of the human race). I don’t dunk it in milk, though, or twist it open and eat the filling first (I prefer the cookies, to be honest). I just pop one inside my mouth, wait for the whole thing to melt, and then start chewing. I have a lot of memories involving Oreo cookies, too. I used to make all these desserts that use Oreos, and they were a big hit with family and friends. (Hmmm, maybe I should go back to making them this Christmas season.)

I love both so much so imagine how excited I was when I found out there’s Cadbury Oreo. Rich and creamy milk chocolate partnered with crunchy cookies – perfect combination. Yummy yummy!  

Sadako is a big fan, too, of course. But since I want to cut her sugar intake (her throat gets irritated easily), I’ve been giving her just one bar every weekend para controlled. And then I bite off from it pa ha!

And since good things are meant to be shared, I made sure I’d spread the love by giving my dad, my brother, and my sister some bars. They love Cadbury Oreo, too. As expected.