I am excited to share with you guys that there is a new chicken place in town and it is called Palm Grill. Located in Tomas Morato, they have all these exciting food offerings that you won’t find in your usual chicken places.

Their signature dish is called the Green Chicken, which is chicken slow-cooked in coconut milk mixed with seven Asian herbs and spices. The sauce will remind you of pesto or laing, but it is neither of the two. It’s kind of hard to describe, but it sure is delicious. I guess there’s really no other way to prove this than by finding out for yourself.

The Green Chicken is perfect with their turmeric rice. Don’t worry – this is not just plain rice turned yellow because of food coloring; it is turmeric-flavored rice so it is actually tasty – and healthy.

Palm Grill has other types of chicken. For those who want it spicy, there is the Labuyo Chicken. For those craving more familiar comfort food, there is Oswalda’s Fried.

But my personal favorite is the Olympus Roast! I like it because it comes with a sweet-tangy peanut sauce that I just can’t get enough of. They thankfully give an extra serving of the sauce!

This new restaurant owned by businessman Miguel Moreno and news reporter Nelson Canlas also has very interesting side dishes; my favorite is something called Cauli Roast, which is a fruity and refreshing cauliflower salad that I’ve never tasted anywhere and will surely go back for.

Palm Grill is also very Instagram-friendly. The interiors on the ground floor are very manly (stone, wood, bricks), while the second floor is a little more feminine (bright, colorful). There is also a beautiful accent wall on the second floor that you’d love to use for your IG photos.

On your next lunch or dinner, head over to Palm Grill and try out their intriguing Green Chicken or try out my favorite – the Olympus Roast. You’ll love it there if you like trying out new and not-so-usual food offerings!

Palm Grill is located at 179 Tomas Morato Avenue, Scout Castor, Quezon City.