Sadako and I love going to the supermarket to look for new snacks and lately we just discovered some new treats from Regent!

We love these big bags of King Crab crab-flavored crackers. Crunchy and tasty, they’re perfect for movie nights and they’re good enough for me, Sadako, and her mom.

Also good for movie nights (but for anytime-snacking, actually) are these packs of Caramel Popcorn. Those who like it salty would enjoy the cheese flavor, but those who like it sweet-salty would like the salted version. Both are really good and I’m sure you’d enjoy either – or both! Sadako likes the cheese flavor while I like the salted one, which is good coz walang agawan ;)

But our super favorite are their Belgian Waffle European-style waffles. They look really cute and they taste pretty good. In fact, Sadako enjoyed having them as baon to school last March.

At home, we use them for waffle sandwiches. I like spreading Nutella on them while Sadako likes making cream cheese waffle sandwiches using them. These Belgian Waffles from Regent are pretty much a staple in our grocery carts.

Can’t wait to do the groceries again and discover some exciting new snacks.