I can’t believe it – Sadako’s done with pre-school. It feels like it was just yesterday when I dropped her off at school for her first day, and now she’s done with the whole thing!

Last March was her moving-up ceremony and it was a fun get-together with all the students and their parents. It was filled with food, stories, and a lot of reminiscing.

It was one of the few times that people from the school saw Sadako in a dress because we like to dress her up in tights and a long-sleeved shirt on school days, afraid of dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

Sadako wore head-to-toe H&M: a delicate white sleeveless dress, a pair of silver sandals, and a flower headband.

Sadako, of course, had so much fun with her classmates; she couldn’t stay put in her seat and she didn’t even want to eat. She just wanted to play and spend time with her classmates because she knew she wouldn’t see some of them again anymore since they’re going to different schools next schoolyear.

Sadako and her classmates performed a couple of numbers. My favorite would have to be their performance of Rent’s Seasons of Love. Sadako wasn’t the star but she sure stole the spotlight when she did a la Mariah Carey (you know, that hand/finger thing) during that piping part!

Sadako had so much fun in preschool and learned a lot from her teachers, and now we can’t wait for her to start life at the big school.