Gabbi Garcia is one of the most promising GMA Artist Center talents that we have right now. Apart from her good looks and many talents (singing, dancing, playing the guitar, projecting amazingly well in front of the camera!), I know – based on the shoots we’ve done together and on feedback from a lot of people – that she is focused, driven, and passionate. I also like that she is confident, self-assured, and that she knows what she wants – that she has a very clear sense of self.

My team and I have been pitching her to magazines and newspapers ever since we signed her up and every time we book a shoot/feature I get so excited because I know that Gabbi will always deliver.

Just look at her photos for To Be You, styled by the hot and amazing Toff Tiozon, and styled by my good friend JJ San Juan.

And remember her pretty Candy magazine cover?

So imagine how extremely excited I was when Preview finally said yes to a cover for Gabbi.

The shoot took place last March 7 inside Solaire’s Villa 1, which has housed Bruno Mars, among many other stars. The place is huge and gorgeous; everything about it is amazing: the infinity pool outside, the huge comfort room, the detailed wallpaper, everything.

The first few layouts were for Pantene because yes, as all of you know by now, Gabbi Garcia is the new face (hair?) of the global brand (more on that in a separate post), and as expected, she rocked each and every layout, looking immaculately beautiful and pure in white.

Her first layout for Preview was one where she looked racially ambiguous but still beautiful, of course.

Depending on the angles or shots, Gabbi can pass off as a proud-to-be-brown Pinay (which she actually is), a Latina model, a Vietnamese celebrity, a Thai beauty queen, an Indonesian influencer, or even a Greek It Girl.

For the next layout, Gabbi transformed into a Versace model from the ‘90s, wearing a beautiful black high-slit dress partnered with gold jewelry.

She had to pose in the pool and I swear it was as if we were having a shoot for Binibining Pilipinas!

There were more black outfits, like this one, this time partnered with silver accessories.

Or this one, with the return of gold jewelry.

My favorite was when Gabbi slipped into this black bathing suit.

She looked perfect and made me want to be a girl – but only if I’d look like her ha!

I also like this layout where she was wearing a flowy black dress (thank God for the wind) and we had to shoot a lot of profiles and full shots, making Gabbi look like a warrior goddess (like a villain in Encantadia).

The most challenging layout would have to be the one where Gabbi became a chic Morticia Addams and had to float in the pool during the hottest time of the day.

She was such a trouper, as expected, and because of this we got a lot of good shots. I myself am so proud of my shots! Ansaveh ni BJ Pascual!? ;)

The last layout we did was shot in the living room. The drama was yasss-I-wore-a-dress-while-swimming-and-now-I’m-dripping-in-the-sofa.

When I got home and was checking my shots, I had a hard time choosing a favorite layout because all of them are so good. Each one was well-planned and well-executed. 100% was given for each and I know this because I was there during the shoot but I hope people will see this when they look at BJ Pascual’s photos. And I am proud to day that Gabbi was able to match the dedication, effort, and passion that the Preview team gave during the shoot.

I so can’t wait to grab a copy of the April issue of Preview and see all the photos that made it inside.

I so can’t wait for all the other accomplishments Gabbi will make because this is just the start for her. No way to go but up for this hardworking, dedicated, passionate girl.

Photos taken using the Fujifilm X-A2