I won’t call it an addiction or an obsession, but I’m really, really into weight loss. I’ve been crazy about it for quite a while now; the ironic thing is that I haven’t really lost a significant amount of weight. Blame it on trying trends and then discontinuing after just a couple of days, not going to the gym or doing any form of exercise, pigging out every chance I get, and simply surrendering to temptation (laziness, sugar, buffets, sleep, gadget time) instead of doing the right things.

But I really, really want 2017 to be different. Apart from losing weight (and this annoying tummy that I have), I also want to be healthier. I’m getting old and I want to “quit while I’m ahead.” A lot of people I know died last year and that’s scary enough for me to be serious about my health this time.

So perfect timing: I just discovered Big Day Brews, a line of meal replacement drinks that have different effects but all containing the needed amounts of vitamins, fiber, protein, and good carbs. They’re pretty low-cal, too (nothing more than 500 calories) – lower than your normal solid meal, actually.

You drink only one bottle a day – twice, thrice, or even five times a week.

I subscribed to a three-day plan for one week just to try it out.

My first drink was Carrot Cake, a 329-calorie concoction that is perfect for those who work out because it helps muscle repair. It has sweet potato, carrots, oat milk, vanilla, honey, red apple, whey protein, cinnamon, nutmeg, and turmeric. Some people might find it a little weird-tasting because of all the spices, but I loved it.

My second drink was the Green Ranger. It’s the perfect drink for those who feel like they’re gonna get sick, thanks to the benefits of ingredients like guyabano, green apple, cucumber, spinach, lemon, chia seeds, whey protein, and natural honey. It has only 301 calories, too.

My last drink was the Pinacolada, a tasty 223-calorie drink that boosts the immune system, thanks to ingredients like pineapple, banana, oats milk, whey protein, coconut water, and turmeric.

The verdict? I’d love to try out the other flavors (White Dragon, Popeyes, Banana Mocha), and continue taking them instead of having dinner because I don’t really feel very hungry at night time anyway. They’re tasty and healthy, and I’m sure they’ll do me good especially in my quest to be healthy (and thin) this 2017.

Check out the Big Day Brews website and Instagram account. You can also email them at or call them at 09398313822.