I am so happy that the March issue of Cosmopolitan is out because Gil Cuerva is featured as the Cosmo Bae inside!

Cosmo shot him at the Summit Studios last January (a long time ago, I know!), and I have to say the whole shoot was a breeze because Gil is so good at shoots. He’s a professional model, after all, who booked a lot of great gigs in the region before auditioning for the Matteo Domingo role in My Love from The Star – and getting it, of course.

My favorite part of the shoot was the interview because while I’ve met Gil a couple of times in parties and events a long time ago, this was the first time I got to know how smart and opinionated he is. And this was just me listening to the interview ha. I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy it more if we’re the ones talking na.

Going back to the shoot, Gil rocked each and every layout – as expected. He wore a lot of preppy clothes, in line with his character’s fashion sense.

And since we’re on the topic, I really can’t wait for his show with Jennylyn Mercado, which is coming out really, really soon.

Gil has wowed me as a model so I am excited to see what he can do as an actor. With his dedication, open mind, and determination, I’m sure he’ll do well and go far.


It was great to work with my friend Shaira Luna again.

And it was great to see Jess Connelly again, too. I featured her in Inside Showbiz magazine back when I was still the EIC, and I’m just so happy she is doing her as a singer/artist, and that she is getting a lot of respect and popularity for that.