I am very proud that Bianca Umali is one of Preview magazine’s cover girls this March!

Bianca is one of our homegrown talents. It feels as if she was in the GMA 7 kiddie show Tropang Potchi just yesterday, and now she’s this gorgeous seventeen-year-old who is on the cover of the country’s best fashion magazine. Time truly flies.

The Preview team shot Bianca and the other three cover girls in a studio in Makati last February 16, and Bianca’s hairstyling took a little longer than usual because extensions had to be attached and her naturally straight hair had to be curled for a fresh, different, edgy look.

The result had Bianca looking like that girl from that iconic movie Flashdance crossed with Kylie Jenner. However, we all felt like the hairstyle was a little too much and that it “ate” her so we decided to go for a less curly, all-hair-on-just-one-side style – which ended up looking amazing.

Those close to Bianca know that pink is not her favorite color so I had a little giggle when I saw that she had to wear matching pink denim jeans and jacket for the first layout. As expected, she rocked the outfit and the kind-of-androgynous look I am sure a lot of lesbians out there are digging.

For the second layout, she donned a t-shirt under a loud multi-print dress that she – as expected – effortlessly wore well. I super love the Alice in Wonderland vibe of the layout. You know – that part when Alice was inside the house and she was turning into a giant. That layout is so appropriate because I am very sure that especially with her upcoming show Mulawin VS Ravena, Bianca will become an even bigger star.

My favorite part of the shoot?

Bianca (and her adorable, well-behaved pup) bade us goodbye already – when she stepped back inside the studio after some minutes and looked for the nail technicians because she noticed that her nails were still… pink. Di daw niya talaga kaya so she had to come back and have them erased. Hahaha, so adorable!

Photos taken using the Fujifilm X-A2