Weeks before flying to Taipei, Taiwan I already knew what I was gonna do there: take lots of photos, and eat, eat, eat.

Good thing right outside where we stayed there were lots of food stalls and eateries that sold mostly local food.

So imagine my horror every time majority won and we had to eat in places like McDonald’s. They didn’t even have local stuff. I ordered the only unique thing on the menu, which was a chicken fillet sandwich using tasty bread. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it coz it wasn’t local enough for me.

There was also this one time when we ended up eating in Yoshinoya. Good thing they had some stuff not available in the Philippines, like curry noodles. Plus there was some sort of Buy 1 Take 1 promo for the rice bowls.

But going back to local food, I was really excited to go to Shilin Night Market and taste all the yummy streetfood there.

There was this stall selling what looked like fishballs but they were glazed strawberries pala, plus some other round stuff. I didn’t get to try them coz the group was excited to go inside the market.

Inside, I saw a couple catching prawns that they’d later cook and eat.

I was off to a good start. I got to try this iced tea drink that I saw on the Asian Food Channel and it was so good. There was jelly and pearls and I really loved the tea and lemon blend.

Our big group got broken into smaller ones and my group strangely ended up at a place that sold pizza and pasta. So much for local food! While waiting for our order, I noticed that the night market scene reminds me of Boracay’s DMall. Interestingly, the restaurant is called DMall! I enjoyed their four cheese pizza, which went well with my lemon aloe tea drink.

Other stuff I enjoyed?

There were lots of bakeries that reminded me of BreadTalk. They have more choices, though, plus stuff like chocolate covered nuts and barks.

I also enjoyed the squid balls and pork sausages I had after riding the Maokong Gondola.

I interestingly had fun watching the guy coat the food in glaze, even if it took a while.

Best lunch would have to be this bento box-style meal we had in Formosa Chang after walking and starving for what seemed like forever.

I expectedly liked the tofu from the streets.

The whole gang went gaga over Japanese cakes with custard a cream filling (even if it said red bean). It was good but I told them they’re available in the Philippines!

For pasalubong I bought a lot of nougat (both in peanut and almonds). I bought a lot because I love nougat. Update: I finished all the nougat I bought supposedly for other people.

I ended up buying these tea mixes in sugar cube form. I saw them in Ximending and it was definitely love at first sip when I tried their ginger and brown sugar flavor. The lemon pomelo is equally good so I bought some of those, too, plus some other flavors. They’re all good – including this red dates, dried longan, wolfberry ginger and brown sugar flavor (that tastes like arnibal) – I do not want to share them with anyone!

And since we’re on the topic of drinks, of course I drank a lot of tea and milk tea in Taipei. Taiwan after all is known for these drinks. In fact, they have all these bottled tea and milk tea drinks in these dispensers everywhere.

And because it’s cold in Taipei, their drinks come in both cold and hot.

I was sick all throughout the trip – I was coughing like crazy and I had a sore throat – so I got stuff like the hot ginger milk tea from Comebuy, which was tasty and soothing for my throat.

I love ginger so much I had another ginger milk tea drink, this time from Hei Mien Tsai when we went to the zoo.

My most memorable drink there would be this purple bean drink from TP Tea. It tasted like ginataang halo-halo/bilo-bilo – drink version!

I also got to taste these two drinks that my officemates got somewhere. One tasted like the soup from a sinigang sa miso dish, while the other reminded me of nilagang baka, but a little sour. Crazy, right?

I enjoyed a lot of the stuff I ate in Taipei and I’m sure I didn’t get to taste a lot. I actually want to go back and try out more local stuff and drinks.

I also want to dine at the Modern Toilet, which was unfortunately full when we were there.

And the Gudetama Chef place that I didn’t know exists!

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