I didn’t get to watch the Miss Universe at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

I watched in a more fun and stylish way: by being part of Preview’s #PreviewGirlsClub.

Preview invited me and BFF NJ Torres of Marie France (together with two other pairs) to stay at the Sofitel for a Miss Universe viewing party! Of course, I had to say yes.

We checked in on a Sunday and over salmon sandwiches and cupcakes and cakes and macarons and fruits, instantly bonded over Miss U trivia, chismis, opinions, and Tigbakan Alley comments. NJ and I shared our favorites and non-favorites with the Preview team, and we all couldn’t wait for the pageant the next day to see how far our bets would go.

After the merienda, we headed over to their spa for some pampering. The girls had mani-pedis while the guys enjoyed some foot reflexology. Plus some more chismis, of course. This was where we got to meet the other pairs: Jigs Mayuga and Nica Mendez, and Kam Chu and Jot Losa.

Before long it was dinner time and we enjoyed the food that Le Bar especially prepared for us, including a special drink just for the #PreviewIsGonnaMissU viewing party.

The soup (chicken dumplings and root vegetables in spinach broth) was exactly what I need that night since I had a sore throat and a mouth sore.

The salad was amazing. I looove salads and I enjoyed the pomelo and green mango salad with citrus sesame dressing (with a shrimp cake on the side) even if my singaw was making it hard for me to eat.

Everyone enjoyed the main course: miso-wakame crusted baked salmon fillet, edamame, leek and tomato confit. The best thing about it? The scrumptious black truffle cream sauce!

Even if I had a sore throat I still opted for dessert. NJ and I shared a couple of cakes and I really, really wanted to finish both of them but failed to do so. Blame it on the mouth sore and sore throat. Boo.

After dinner, NJ and I went into tita mode and rushed back to our room to rest. Newlywed NJ no longer drinks alcohol while I was feeling really sick. Despite this, Nica dropped by and we made chika. A lot of chika. Without alcohol!

After Nica left, I tuned in to CinemaOne and started watching Rosanna Roces in Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya. Can you believe I’ve never seen that? I watched the first 10 minutes or so and then dozed off.

The morning after was Miss Universe day and NJ and I were the last one to arrive at the suite for the viewing. 

I wanted to be in pajama chic but I do not wear pajamas so I wore pambahay chic –with a robe from H&M.

We arrived just a couple of minutes before the live telecast on GMA 7 (syempre!) and I was so excited I didn’t get to eat agad even I was starving. I had to wait for the first commercial break.

There was a lovely assortment of breads and cheeses and cold cuts and as usual, I got all the blue cheese ;)

There were also these super healthy drinks in super cute test tubes!

And let’s not forget the Miss Universe crowns we all wore. Because.

I enjoyed watching it with the whole gang. Everyone was so passionate and opinionated and fun! Too bad I wasn’t my usual self because a.) I was live tweeting, and b.) lecherous my sore throat and mouth sore.

Afterwards, we did a video interview about the results and our passion for pageants.

My favorites were Thailand and Colombia so I was really heartbroken when Chalita Suansane didn’t move on to the next round and when Andrea Tovar placed just third.

I also like Haiti so it’s a bummer for me that she lost to France.

As for France…

She wasn’t in my Top 13 so I was like whatevs when she made the cut.

She wasn’t in my Top 9 so I was surprised when she advanced.

She wasn’t in my Top 6 so imagine my nonchalance when she moved on to the next round.

She wasn’t in my Top 3 so I was really disappointed when she made it there and Chalita didn’t.

She wasn’t my bet for Miss U so I was like dafuq when she was crowned.

But yeah, she’s pretty and seems to be a really nice, talented girl. I just think she’s a little too Miss World.

And I really, really just love Chalita and Andrea.

Oh well.

Preview.ph featured our #PreviewIsGonnaMissU experience, and now I can’t wait to see the video and the feature.

A big Thank You to Isha and the rest of the Preview team for such a fun experience.

Till the next Miss Universe! ;)

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