If there is one thing I love about Taipei it is how there are lots of OOTD-friendly places.

For starters, on our first day, the place right outside where we stayed was so full of character some of us started taking OOTD photos while waiting for the others.

A lot of places have character that while walking, I regularly had to stop one of my officemates to take some shots of myself emoting.

The zoo had a lot of nice backgrounds, such as this one with plants.

Or these ones with the old trains.

Of course, for safety, I had to take more than just one shot.

In different poses, of course.

The national museum had some nice places for dramatic poses. Like this one that I spotted as soon as I entered the place.

I instantly knew how I wanted the photo to look and how I’d pose.

But my favorite would have to be this street with wooden gates. My officemates and I took turns having our photos taken there.

What’s funny is that after quite a while, we discovered that just around the corner was the Bopiliao Historical Block, which had more OOTD-friendly backgrounds.

So we spent more time having our photos taken.

Brick walls are the best. With details.

Or without.

Or with moss.

When I got tired of brick walls I looked for other backgrounds with patterns.

And of course I had to vary my poses.

But I found myself going back to brick walls and my usual poses.

But I really love these shots with the whole gang.

Very TGIS, noh? ;)

Till our next trip, TaiBaes!