I fancy myself as someone with an eye for beauty, someone who can spot beauty/talent earlier than most. So in Taipei I naturally played scout and paparazzi, taking shots of all these cute guys, who happened to be all locals (which is pretty refreshing).

Here are eight head-turning guys who caught my (and my officemates’) attention.

1. This guy at the Bopiliao Historical Block caught everyone’s attention even from afar because he just had swag and presence, even if he doesn’t look drop-dead gorgeous in this paparazzi photo of mine.

2. This tall, cute Korean-looking guy looked so hot in a hoodie, a couple of my officemates followed him and tried to catch his attention (but failed).

3. I saw this guy in a costume shop (#AlamNa) and he looked like a student. He looked so clean and fresh and it’s just so sad I didn’t get to take better photos.

4. I spotted this guy inside H&M in Taipei 101. He looks like a member of a boyband, noh?

5. My officemates and I saw this guy on our way to Abrazo and we all thought he was going to the same place. Too bad he wasn’t coz he’s cute.

6. This guy looks a like a hot dad and it’s frustrating how he was so focused on his phone that he never moved and so I never got to see any other angle of his.

7. We spotted this guy at the zoo and he just looked so perfect – like a bida in a sitcom – that we (or maybe it was just me) ended up looking at him more than the animals.

8. This millennial caught my eye from afar not just coz of his hat but also because he has a great profile. He looks like he’s part of a boyband. He looks sooo adorable, right?