Nothing says I love you like chocolate. You don’t even have to say much coz chocolate says it all.

So when I got a purple package from Cadbury and their PR firm, I felt the love!

Inside the box were Cadbury milk chocolate bars (yay!) plus a calligraphy set.

The note challenged me to go ahead and #SayItWithCadbury so I did give calligraphy a try. 

Calligraphy’s pretty hot among millennials and I wanted to be in so I had all these hugot lines and powerful lines from some of my favorite songs ready to be artistically written on paper.

But I failed miserably.

So I’m going back to the original plan: eat the chocolates. 

Remember, Valentine’s Day may be over but it’s never too late to show and express your love for those you consider special. Some people may write a love letter or make a special note using their talent in calligraphy. But as for me, giving away chocolate is good enough. Giving away chocolate says a lot (especially if you're someone like me who;d rather eat the chocolate instead of sharing it LOLers).