There’s this virus in the air and a lot of people have been getting sick.

A lot of people at work have been sniffing and coughing like crazy.

Everyone at home has been sick lately, too. Some of us are still sick, actually.

My throat hurts like hell, my nose is clogged, plus I have a mouth sore (eww but looking at the bright side I think I lost a couple of pounds because of it).

I just bought antibiotics awhile ago so I am very excited for it to cure me and make me feel better.

A couple of days ago I also bought Pei Pa Koa. It is a Chinese wonder syrup that’s been around for the longest time. I’ve never really tried it but after seeing how much it helped Sadako I thought it could help me, as well.

The thing is that it’s kind of hard to find. I checked out two Mercury drugstores and two Watsons and they all didn’t have it.

And so I Googled for help.

Fortunately for me, there was someone near GMA distributing it. After work I walked and looked for it since it’s just nearby. As it turned out it wasn’t that near, or maybe it just felt like it coz I had to look for it pa.

When I found the apartment, the guard let me in and one of the maids asked me to follow her. Fast-walking maid suddenly disappeared and these two big ass Dalmatians barked and ran towards me like I was dinner. I froze and all I could do was tremble and say “Atehhhhhhhh…”

All is well that ends well; I didn’t didn’t get bitten or eaten by the Dalmatians. I ran out right after I got my bottle of Pei Pa Koa.

Hindi pa pala The End.

When I stepped out of the apartment, it was pretty dark already and I had no idea how to get out of the neighborhood. There were no cabs and I just walked and walked and walked for what seemed like forever. I eventually got to exit the neighborhood, but not where I entered. All I know is that all of a sudden, I was in the middle of carinderias and panaderias and everything was just so chaotic.

I was afraid someone would snatch my Pei Pa Koa so I stopped walking and just waited for a cab to pass by. It took a while but one finally arrived.

So yeah, all is well that ends well.

And now I want to be a distributor of Pei Pa Koa.

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