It’s been a while since I last went out of the country so I was pretty excited when my officemates and I decided to fly to Taipei. I’ve never been there plus I was gonna be with officemates. Fun.

All I wanted to do was take a lot of photos and eat. I got to both and so much more, making the trip really memorable.

Here are my favorite parts of the trip:

Seeing a lot of cute guys. Locals ha. Check out my blog post on Taipei cuties HERE.

Being part of the lantern festival. I didn’t know what was happening, but there was a little show and it was pretty fun to watch it and be part of the crowd because it wasn’t hot and I felt safe. No one lost anything during the trip; parang walang magnanakaw sa Taipei.

Riding the train. It was confusing AF and there was a lot of walking and transferring involved, but I enjoyed the exercise and everything was just so organized, plus everyone was so disciplined. It’s amazing how every place was accessible no matter how far. Kainggit.

Seeing other Pinoys. Our officemate’s dad is based there so he was a lot of help. We also got to see fellow Kapuso Rovilson Fernandez, who was shooting an episode of Ang Pinaka there.

Riding the Maokong Gondola -- and posing for photos -- even if I'm afraid of heights. It helped that I was so focused on emoting and projecting LOLers.

Trying stuff I wanted to try, like this really, really good iced tea that I saw on the Asian Food Channel a week before our trip.

Seeing things I didn’t think I’d see, such as these rainbow cocks.

Discovering stuff, like this massager, which I had to buy for myself, of course.

Going to Abrazo and meeting up with a friend, plus meeting a lot of cool guys. OMG ang daming hot sa Abrazo I wanna go there every single night next time I’m in Taipei.

Going to Shilin Night Market. I’d go there every single night next time I’m in the area.

Bonding with my officemates, getting to know some more, and learning about myself more.