I left the house awhile ago to attend a Christmas party for the press and the moment I stepped out of the house and felt the sun’s cruel rays, I instantly missed Macau.

The sun shines in Macau too but its cold winds balance the hot sunshine.

And it’s not just the cool breeze that I miss.

I miss all the free tasting of all the almond cookies and peanut candy and beef tapa strips.

I miss staring at all the beautiful buildings especially the impressive hotels and casinos.

I miss the good-looking foreigners and the nonchalant locals.

I miss how everyone is so fasyon in Macau, wearing trench coats and boots and scarves and turtlenecks, because the weather permits them to do so.

I miss the abundance of places to go to: theme parks, gardens, museums, temples, casinos.

I miss their clean roads (it’s as if pollution doesn’t exist in Macau), their air-conditioned buses where you have to drop your coins first before you get to take your seat, and their strangely safe streets.

And, of course, I miss shopping in Macau because almost everything is cheaper there.
I miss Macau and I seriously want to live there. The Philippines just makes me lose hope more and more.