Can you believe that I’ve never attended a bridal shower???

Well, that changed last January 13, when my officemates and I threw one for our co-worker Roche.

A day before the big day (the bridal shower, not the wedding), we interviewed a foreigner – an American who was willing to strip and dance even if he’s not a real stripper. He was cute and looked fit but unfortunately, he seemed a little too serious (he was like a dark cloud, actually) that by the time he left my officemates and I knew we wouldn’t see him gyrating topless the next day.

And so we ended up with Pinoy strippers – yes, not one, but two!

We booked a room at the Marriott Hotel and after some food and chika (I told Roche I was treating the team to the buffet there kunyari), we turned down the lights, played Brunos Mars, and had fun. A little too much fun, as it turned out, because a staff member knocked and told us to turn down the volume of our music because the other guests were complaining.

But it was when that staff member told Roche that he’d put her in handcuffs if she didn’t turn down the music when I realized that this guy was one of the strippers na pala! His partner entered our room, and the real fun started.

The guys danced sexily and they approached each one of us for a… more intimate experience.

The reactions?

A lot of the girls ran, saying things like “Wag po,” or “Ayokooo,” or “Wag kang lalapit kundi…”

Some of us just stayed put. That made the strippers lose interest fast and move on to others.

Some of us… had a little more time with the strippers than the others. Favoritism!

Afterwards, we had some fun games like Put a Condom on My Banana – Using Your Mouth, and Lick The Icing/Peanut Butter Off My Nipple.

It was so fun we can’t wait for the next bride-to-be so we can do one of these bridal showers again.