After spending five exhausting yet exhilarating days in Macau, I arrived in Manila last Sunday at 2AM. It was great that I still got to watch some Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman when I got home. Too bad I missed Mystery Boy's performance - without his trademark mask!

Going home from a trip is always chaotic. There are the clothes to be washed, the ubong to divide and label, the hotel's little bottles of shampoo and conditioner to give to the maid or the relative who likes displaying them in the bathroom, the pictures to transfer to the computer and then upload to cyberspace, the brochures and notes to organize.

I'm still in harassed mode, but there's so much to do: the articles to write and submit, first and foremost, and then the e-mail duties to attend to, the paychecks to excitingly claim and deposit to the bank, the room-cleaning after being gone for almost a week, plus the Christmas gift-shopping and gift-wrapping.

Of course, there's the blogging part, which I am starting now. I could have blogged directly from Macau since the Macau Government Tourism Office offered free internet use, but for the first time ever I chose to ignore the WWW lure. There's free wi-fi in my hotel room too, but I didn't bring my laptop.

There's so much stuff to share about the trip: the architectural beauty of the buildings, the allure of the temples and churches, the discipline and diligence of the people, the presence of so many Filipinos there, the food (OMGOMG), the people I met, the new experiences, the challenges I cowardly turned down. Oh, and the pictures I took using my phone's trusted camera and my sister's digital camera!

While we're on the subject, I no longer have to borrow my sister's camera from now on. I bought myself an early Christmas gift.

All these stories have to wait since I seriously have to finish my articles first.