Before going to Macau, I attended a lunch briefing and was informed that we could try doing the Bungy Jump, Skyjump or Skywalk X (walking on the outer rim of the tower) at the Macau Tower. Always up for anything and willing to try almost anything at least once, I smiled with my eyes (thanks for the tip, Tyra) and couldn’t wait to actually do it.

It was a totally different story when I got to the Tower. The moment I stepped on the 61st floor – the main floor for all the adventurous activities – my thighs liquefied. When I took a peek from the window, my buttocks melted. I suddenly realized that I have a fear of heights.

And so it was a definite no for me when Alfredo, our guide, asked me if I wanted to join one half of our group who were all getting prepared for the Skywalk X. I was pretty content snapping pictures from inside and trying to tame the elephant playing hopscotch on my chest.

After our companions finished erm rimming the tower, we all went to a lower floor – the 58th I think – where the actual floor had glass panels. That means you could see all the way down there. I swear I was so afraid of it I couldn’t even walk on those panels – even with my eyes closed. I felt like a contestant from America’s Next Top Model whose phobia was starting to irritate Jay Manuel.

And so I just hopped over the panels just to get near the windows and had my “best shot.” I may not have conquered my fear but I think I still worked that photo.