When you see me in person and look at my face, you’d think I have no skincare regimen, because I have oily skin, adult acne, and the accompanying acne scars.

But I do have a skincare regimen!

The thing is that just like a lot of people, I’ve been experimenting on products for quite a while now, in search of the best/hiyang for my skin – but failing a lot of times. It’s a hit-or-miss, and even when you find the right products, they sometimes clash with other products so you end up changing your set from time to time. What’s challenging is that it takes a while before you see some result (if you see any!), and it can be quite expensive!

For the longest time I was afraid of Proactiv because of all the bad reviews I read and heard, but when I tried it, it worked fabulously I felt stupid for not using it earlier. The problem was that when I ran out of some of the stuff (the toner, for example) I substituted using other brands/products – and that resulted to a lot of zits.

I think my skin is pretty okay right now and while I am grateful for the products I am using, I know there’s a great possibility I will change some of them soon, but since they’re doing me good right now, I wanna share them with you, in case there are some oily, acne-prone readers out there.


For the longest time I stayed away from Cetpahil because I thought it was too gentle, that it wasn’t effective, especially for oily, acne-prone skin. I tried it once and I didn’t think that something that wouldn’t lather could help me. But there was one time I got all these zits and rashes (I suffered an allergic reaction to something) and I didn’t use any product on my skin – I just washed with water – and that helped. And so I gave Cetaphil another chance. I’ve been using it ever since. And they recently did a Buy 2 Take 1 promo so I hoarded. I love Cetaphil!


Someone gave me a set of Belo Men products and since I was already using a regular set of products that time, they just stayed inside the closet. When I ran out of toner, I tried using their Whitening Facial Cleanser, which amazingly did my skin good. I think it’s because of the Kojic acid. I just finished the whole bottle so I am using the Acne Control facial cleanser since my skin is oily and acne-prone. It’s doing a good job but I think after I finish it I am switching back to the Whitening version because of the Kojic acid.


Last year I wanted to try new products and I discovered Avene’s line of products. They use thermal spring water that soothes, softens, and calms the skin, and I was intrigued. I bought the emulsion, which promises to reduce spots, blackheads, and blemishes; limit the spread of acne-causing bacteria; and soothe redness and inflammation. And you know what, it kept its word. The tube lasts forever because you don’t need to use a lot. I squeeze out about five dots for my right cheek, left cheek, nose, chin, and forehead, and that’s enough. I am so happy with the product I plan to try out the brand’s other products.


I no longer use the whole Proactiv set (for now!) but I am still using this bottle of repairing treatment form the brand. It comes in lotion form so I look at it as an extra moisturizer that happens to have benzoyl peroxide, which rocks because it works well on my skin.


This is another great discovery of mine from last year. I know a lot of people have been raving about the wonder product for quite a while now and I am just happy that I finally got one for myself and can attest to its effectiveness. It truly fades blemishes, although you need to wait for a long time. I look at it as an extra moisturizer. Three drops every morning and every night and I am good.


Among all the products listed here this is the one I’ve been using for the longest time. This is the last thing I apply on my face every morning and I love it because apart from having SPF 15, it has anti-aging powers! I also noticed that it effectively balances color and tone so it really reduces the appearance of spots, lines, and wrinkles.


My sister introduced me to this great product last year. She let me try it when I slept over at her place and I instantly fell in love with it that I asked her to gift me with my own tub last Christmas. I apply this facial mask once a week. I just mix a teaspoon of the powder with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (Bragg is the best!) – feel free to add more of either until you reach the right consistency – and then it’s good to go. I like to stay in front of the fan when I have the mask on because I like it when I feel the mask getting dry and tight. It can be a little tough to remove but the fulfilment after washing everything off is amazing. The face tends to get red after but it goes away. The best thing about this deep pore-cleansing mask? It pulls and tightens your skin that your face pulsates! Aliw.