It was Sadako’s school fair last November 26.

Sadako and her classmates had to sell food that day, and the earnings would go to their charity event next month.

Sadako was assigned to sell barbecue and I didn’t have enough time to look for a good deal. Good thing Isaw House is right beside their school. I bought 30 pieces for P40 each.

When we arrived, I was surprised to find out that right beside us was a student also selling barbecue. I asked the yaya how much they were selling theirs and she said P20.

And so I ended up selling ours for P20, as well.

Meaning I neither made a profit nor broke even.


The good thing is that we sold ours in no time flat and nothing can buy Sadako’s face of happiness and fulfillment. P1200 can’t buy that.

After the fundraiser, the different classes performed.

Sadako and her classmates danced along to that Meghan Trainor song for that Peanuts movie. They were supposed to wear a mask. Sadako wanted to wear the DIY mask I made the night before but her mother wanted Sadako to wear the one she made. In the end, Sadako didn’t wear anything onstage, which made one of the teachers lend her someone else’s mask, which turned out to be a little too big and loose that she had to adjust it every 15 seconds or so.

And then we played Bingo. After three rounds of not winning (and Sadako crying for five seconds each time we lost) we decided to sneak out and eat overpriced Thai food at Thaipan.