Remember how I was just in Sky Ranch Tagaytay last November 24?

Well, I went back last November 27, but this time with Sadako and Honeybun’s family, since her older sister is in town for a vacation.

I was so excited and happy for Sadako because I really had fun when I went there for the first time and I just knew she’d love it there, too.

The moment we got there, Sadako wanted to ride a pony. Blame it on Sofia the First or the Disney Princesses. I said yes, and had to cash out P300.

I was actually surprised that Sadako was not scared. She had to ride the pony alone (but with a guide, of course) and she didn’t show any hesitation. She didn’t even ask for me!

That was P300 for 30 minutes and after that we went around took a lot of photos.

Unfortunately, it rained a little so the only other ride that Sadako got to try was the Ferris Wheel.

To make up for the lack of rides she could try (also because the lines were very long), I bought her a couple of stuffed toys – Nemo and Pikachu – because she’s in a stuffed toys phase right now.

It was night time already (foggy pa) when we decided to leave Sky Ranch and have dinner outside.

Sadako was so happy now I can’t wait to bring her to Hong Kong Disneyland.