I can’t believe we just threw another party for birthday boy Martin del Rosario last November 29, 2016.

I remember clearly how we mounted a birthday event for him last year, when he was just a newly-signed talent. It seems like it was just yesterday!

This year, he requested for us to celebrate with the special kids of Barangay Pag-asa Elementary School in Quezon City.

Apart from bringing food and giveaways, we made sure everyone would have fun so we had games, and Martin even danced with the students.

Asked why he chose to celebrate with the kids, Martin explained that he likes kids, likes spending time with kids, and that he is “isip bata” himself.

His real birthday was last November 25 and when I asked how he celebrated it, he said that he celebrated it without a phone because his friends threw him in the pool not knowing that his iPhone was in his pocket.

He even showed me his cute, cheap proxy phone and asked whether he should get an iPhone 7 or not. At first I told him the iPhone 6 would be a good buy since everyone is buying the 7, but then I had to tell him that maybe he needs to get a 7 since it’s waterproof!

Happy birthday, Martin! Looking forward to celebrating your birthday again with you next year!

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