My phones are always in a case.

The only times they weren’t in a case: when cases weren’t a thing yet, when the phones had changeable cases (3210, 3310, etc.), when I was using Motorola RAZRs.

I use a phone case all the time (plus I take very good care of my phones) that whenever I hand them over to others they look almost brand new.

I don’t have a lot of cases; max would be three.

For example, for my iPhone 6, I was using just two; one was this clear, hard plastic case. It was pretty thin and it didn’t cover a lot of the phone.

There are times when I miss holding a case-less phone so I sometimes remove the case and just stroke and fondle the phone, maybe even use it to text a message or two, and then put the case back on.

One time – when my iPhone 6 was case-less, it just had to slip off my hand – for the very first time. Good thing it fell on my big toe so the impact wasn’t that great.

The damage? There was a little little little dent on one of the corners, but that was all; oh and a very little crack on the glass protector shield.

I quickly put the case back on.

The next day, I went to the mall to look for a stronger, more safe, more dependable phone case. I wanted to get one of those really impressive ones – you know, water-, shock-, anything-proof – but they were just a little too bulky for me.

I ended up with these kind-of-minimalist but not-too-plain cases from OtterBox. I especially like that the front part is not too bulky but also thick enough to protect the screen.

And oh, lesson learned. Not gonna remove these cases. Only when it’s time to clean them and the phones, but I will make sure to put them back on as soon as I’m done with the cleaning.