One of my favorite things to do with Sadako is go to the supermarket and look for her baon for school.

While it is usually fun, there are also times when it’s pretty challenging coz I feel as if we’ve tried everything already. This is why we’re both excited when there’s new stuff on the shelves.

New on the shelves is the Griffin’s line of biscuits. Founded by a flour miller more than 150 years ago, Griffin’s is New Zealand’s number one snack food manufacturer with over 300 products, some of which are now available in the Philippines and the rest of Asia.

Sadako’s favorite is Cookie Bear Chocolate Milky Bears because each biscuit is composed of three bears, and she finds it fun to snap each one off the group. I also like it because the combination of milk biscuits and chocolate works. Not too sweet, but sweet enough.

Griffin’s also has Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands, which are milk cookies with colorful sprinkles on pink or chocolate icing.

They are so pretty and very Instagram-worthy. In fact, I would love to have a party soon just so I could serve them on pretty white plates.

And oh, they taste pretty good, too. Sweet enough, not too sweet.

Griffin’s has more tasty treats now available in the Philippines but that’s for another post. Meanwhile, you can try out Griffin’s Cookie Bear Biscuits, which are now available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide for only P100.