Sadako recently went on her very first field trip and I was so excited for her – so I tagged along. 

No Coca-Cola plant or Crayola factory, however (maybe next year).

Instead we went to Science Centrum and Kidzoona (more on Kidzoona in another blog post). 

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Science Centrum. It was my first time and I unfortunately don’t have a lot of nice things to say about it. 

The guide that day took forever to gather the kids and give an intro. Their sound system was also awful that day; it wasn’t working properly so the guide had to say his spiels again and again (as if it would matter to the kids), plus the volume was really loud. It was so loud I had to sneak in and turn it down myself because kawawa naman the eardrums of the kids. I tried to call his attention but, well, he couldn’t hear me coz it was really loud nga. 

And then a lot of the stuff were either old or not working. There were even some things that had rusty parts I had to pull Sadako away from them. 

Lastly, it was very hot inside. They had some giant electrical fans but you’d only benefit from them if you were standing right in front of one.   I had to run after Sadako so imagine how extra tiring that was considering it was so hot inside the place. They really should invest in air conditioning. 

Good thing Sadako still had a good time because she was with her classmates.  What did she enjoy the most? 

Playing with bubbles 

The swing 

Having her head served on a tray together with some fruits 

Posing for a photo and leaving her shadow on the wall 

That’s it.