I recently blogged about Science Centrum, where Sadako and her classmates went for their field trip.  

I didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about the place; good thing Sadako still had fun because she was with her classmates, and there was another destination after that.

The second destination was Kidzoona, which is basically a playplace.  

The place is pretty huge and there are lots to do. 

There is a section filled with booths where kids can pretend to be an ice cream maker, a vegetable vendor, a pizza maker, etc. 

There is a sand station where kids can mold kinetic sand. 

There is a cyber wheel section, which was a big hit with Sadako and her BFF that day, Ezra. 

There is a long trampoline. 

And there is a big “pool” filled with plastic balls. 

We spent just a couple of hours there but Sadako had lots of fun. She had so much fun she is excited for her field trip next year, which I really wish would involve a trip to either the Coca-Cola plant or the Crayola factory.