Some guys have it all: looks and charm and talent.

Just look at the following GMA Artist Center guys.

Rocco Nacino, who is currently seen on the hot primetime show Encantadia, is not just a moreno hunk; he is a great dancer, too, and can sing very well, which is something not a lot of people know since he is known more as an actor and a dancer.

And then there is Aljur Abrenica, whose primetime series with Janine Gutierrez called Once Again just ended. Famous for his good looks and hot body, Aljur is also a very good singer. In fact, he can effortlessly hit those high notes.

There is also Derrick Monasterio, who has an album out right now. But he’s not just a balladeer; he dances pretty good, as well. And we all know he’s got a great body, right?

And then we have Jake Vargas, who is the latest addition to GMA Artist Center. He’s known as the Prince of Mall Shows so there’s no doubt about how he can entertain an audience.

These four guys are teaming up to give their fans and all music-lovers a treat through a concert called Oh Boy! happening on September 23, 2016, 8pm, at the Music Museum. There’s gonna be a lot of fun songs, a lot of dancing, and some sexiness, too (yay) so better check TicketWorld for tickets.

See you there!