I have to admit I had no idea who Kim Domingo was when people from GMA Artist Center told me she was now with us. Not her fault; it’s all mine. I mean if we were talking about a hot gasoline boy whose photo got viral or a cute unsigned male highschooler or a new Brazilian male export, it’d be a different case...

But of course I did my research as soon as she signed with us so that I’d be prepared when we finally get to meet.

Our first meeting was at a shoot for our artists, and I have to say that she’s such a headturner. She commanded attention the moment she entered the room – to think she was wearing casual clothes and wasn’t made up yet.

As expected, she was even more attractive when she was already about to face the camera.

We did four layouts with her, and she rocked each look.

In fact, every time we checked her shots, we all realized that she has no angle – she was pretty in each and every shot no matter the angle! Such a beauty.

My favorite realizations: Kim oozed sex appeal even when she was wearing a gown, and she could look pretty innocent, which was totally unexpected since she is known for being sexy.

Kim is currently seen on Bubble Gang and Juan Happy Love Story, plus she’s part of FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest. Not bad for an internet sensation. She sure has crossed over to mainstream.

And this is just the start, I’m sure. Kim is releasing a very sexy music video very soon, and that is something you all should watch out for.

Photos taken using a Fujifilm X-A2. Head over to my Instagram account @MarkSablan for more BTS photos of Kim Domingo.