I will always equate Granny Goose with "more than the usual" because when I was young, I remember being amazed by their unique Kornets corn snack. Among all the same-flavored and same-shaped chips in the market then, Kornets -- corn chips shaped like cones -- definitely stood out. I didn't just enjoy the taste, I enjoyed eating them, as well: I put one on each fingertip and then ate from each finger! Messy but fun and fulfilling for any kid.

I am so glad that Kornets is still alive. Now my six-year old daughter gets to enjoy this more than the usual chichirya.

Still alive, too, by the way, is Granny Goose's classic corn snack Tortillos, which is available in barbecue, chilli, cheese, and sour cream and cheese flavors.

Granny Goose also has a new, "more than the usual" snack called Pop 'n Chips, which are popped corn chips in two addicting flavors: SOUR sCREAM (Sadako's fave) and Please Please JALAPENO AND CHEESE (my fave).

It was definitely love at first bite for me. I've never tasted anything like it before, plus both are really flavorful. Sadako, on the other hand, loves the sour cream flavor but not the jalapeno and cheese coz it's spicy.

And since we're on the topic of more than the usual, you guys should check out all the #MoreThanTheUsual fun activities of Granny Goose.

They teamed up with Mystery Manila for a mystery you need to solve inside the special "Chained Chamber" room of the Eastwood Mall branch in Libis, Quezon City and the Ayala Fairview Terraces branch in Quezon City, complete with free Granny Goose snacks and souvenir photos.

You can still join in on the fun by visiting the Century City Mall branch and trying to outwit the special Granny Goose room. Just go book the Pym Particle room at until August 5 to avail of the prizes.

The good thing is that Mystery Manila is not the only partner of Granny Goose. They'll have a booth in Sip & Gogh on August 6 and 13, in Ballpit Manila on September 9 and 17, and in Ninja Academy on October 8 and 15.

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