Sadako loves ice cream, just like all kids.

Her current favorite is the Chocolate Cookie Crackle flavor from Baskin Robbins, with rainbow sprinkles, but she also likes the Brownie Temptation Blizzard from Dairy Queen and the dark chocolate ice cream from Cold Stone.

Last weekend she just discovered a new favorite: the sundae cone from Family Mart. The flavors that day were chocolate mousse and crème brulee, and she decided to go for the mixed flavors.

She helped me squeeze out the soft-serve ice cream into the cone, which is really half of the fulfillment you get when you buy the sundae cone from Family Mart, right?

The verdict? Love at first lick, although next time she wants just the chocolate mousse.

Sadako finished every drop of melted ice cream and the entire waffle cone.

The best P25 I’ve ever spent, worth every peso.