It was my birthday last Monday, July 11.

How did I spend it? Working!

I had a meeting in the morning and then the Yes! 100 Most Beautiful reveal after lunch, which was pretty happening, of course, since we had a lot of artists included in the issue and Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are on the cover (but that’s for another blog post).

After the event, my officemates and I went back to the office since there was more work to finish.

My original plan after work was to just go home and have dinner with my family. I actually said yes to a dinner meeting a couple of days earlier, forgetting about my birthday. I had to cancel it, of course. However, my boss asked me to have dinner/videoke together with some officemates and I felt like I had to say yes.

And so I said yes.

When I got to the videoke place, I really got surprised when I saw everyone there, complete with balloons, and cakes and cupcakes from Tita Pinky of Fernando’s (they provide those cakes for the artistas you see on TV).

Lotsa food, drinks, singing, dancing, and laughter.

I had so much fun and I really, really appreciate everyone being there.

To my team, you guys are the best! Thanks for inviting everyone, for the treat, for drinking/singing even if you didn’t want to. And for that video greeting from my crush!