Of course, Derrick Monasterio is part of Yes! magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful list this year!

Just look at that gorgeous face.

And we all know he’s got a fit, beautiful body underneath all those clothes. Remember his Garage photos?

Derrick didn’t have a lot of sleep when he got to the studio for the magazine shoot. He just came from a blogger event and an all-nighter taping, but he brought his A-game, as usual.

Derrick’s gorgeous face and hot bod aren’t the only things that make him beautiful. Those who know him can say that he’s got an amazing personality and this charm that makes him extra adorable. He’s light and fun and entertaining to be with, always ready with jokes or suddenly singing a line or two from his current favorite song -- with feelings pa ha. 

I remember finding Derrick cute back when he was just starting out. Sure, he was thin back then and kind of awkward the way all teenagers are, but I already knew he’d grow into a fine young man. And that is exactly what he is now.

I think of Derrick as a man-child. He’s got this beautiful, worked-hard-on physique, but when you’re with him and you witness his antics or hear his endless jokes, you realize he’s still kind of this cute little boy inside that hot bod. Which is not a bad thing, of course. He’s still pretty young and he will definitely grow up and mature into a fine specimen of a man.

And that’s very exciting for a lot of people.

Photos taken using a Fujifilm X-A2. Head over to my Instagram account @MarkSablan for more BTS photos of Derrick.