I am so glad that Barbie Forteza and Andre Paras are part of Yes! magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful this year. The two do make a gorgeous pair, plus they’re both beautiful individuals, as well.

Barbie may be best known for her teenybopper image and her ka-kikayan but she is excitingly blossoming into a woman now. Sure, she’s still kikay and teenybopper sometimes but there is no denying that she is a young woman now; she looks like one and she’s started dressing like one already.

Just look at some of the clothes she wore for the 100 Most Beautiful shoot: knee high boots partnered with dangerously short denim shorts, a cleavage-exposing dress, and a pair of ripped jeans with an off-shoulder top.

Andre, on the other hand, remains the same gentle giant I met for the first time last year – during his first shoot for the magazine’s annual special. Apart from being good-looking and talented and funny, he remains to be courteous, hardworking, and professional – traits greatly needed in the entertainment industry.

The thing with AnBie is that while some people think they do not look good together because of the height difference, they actually are a good pair because of this contrast, plus a whole lot of other things: chemistry, rapport, banter. I’m sure fans see this on cam, but you’ve got to see them interact in real life to see how much they click. They’re like grade school sweethearts who made it together till high school, so of course you wanna cheer them on and wish for them to be together in college, after that, and till, well, forever.

Photos taken using a Fujifilm X-A2. Head over to my Instagram account @MarkSablan for more BTS photos of Andre and Barbie.