When I was a little boy, I think I gave off the impression that I was lampayatot.

Image lang. I think it’s simply because I was short (always first in line) and I was quiet and shy.

Although I was an introvert who loved staying at home reading books the whole day, I was also an extrovert who loved entertaining and performing.

I was also into outdoor games as much as I was into indoor games.

I played all of these games with my neighbor-friends: habulan, taguan, patintero, piko, ten-twenty, dodge ball. I remember riding my bike and running a lot during my younger days, and even getting cuts and bruises coz of it.

At school, I wasn’t part of the varsity or anything. In fact, I hated PE because I was extremely shy. I always asked to be excused or just kept to myself.

But I was pretty good at volleyball and badminton, which I played with my neighbor-friends at home. My classmates didn’t know I was a fast runner. And that I was very flexible. My PE teacher didn’t know I could also shoot some hoops, although I didn’t like being part of a basketball game. Coz I was very shy nga and afraid of rejection.

Now Sadako’s already six years old and she’s very, very energetic and active. In fact, some of her teachers have shared that she’s pretty hyper. She runs around a lot, especially when we’re out.

As a concerned, worried, scared, over-OA parent, I always tell her to be careful, to not do this or that. What if she falls? What if she trips? What if she gets hurt? What if the other kids fight with her? I admit to being a little too controlling sometimes, but hey, I’m sure parents are like that some/most times.

Deep inside I know I have to let go a little more and just let Sadako move around and explore and run. And yes, even trip and get a cut from time to time.

Sadako is bursting with energy and I know she could make great use of it by doing sports. Apart from health benefits, I think she could learn a lot from all the friendly competition and socialization, which should make her into a more well-rounded kid.

I wasn’t. I was painfully shy and quiet and afraid of everything when I was a kid (I blame my parents for not getting me into Milo Best hahaha) and I, of course, don’t want Sadako to be like that. I want her to be better than me. I don’t want her to have the same baggage I have. I want her to be more emotionally stable, and sociable.

And so I am getting her into sports.

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