I am a big fan of the Starbucks rewards card. I have a lot of cards in my wallet and my Starbucks rewards card is one of the most used cards, so it is placed in a very visible and accessible pocket.

Whenever possible, what I do is load the card with a lot of money. It makes a lot of sense because I am always in Starbucks (the one in front of GMA) and I get food and drinks there whether it’s for personal consumption or for meetings. I especially like it when I discover that my card still has a lot of money in it (lalo na when I am short on cash); it becomes a savior!

My card is the one with three cups and all these green thingies flying all over the place. Forgive me for my rusty descriptive skills and just look at the photo above LOLERS.

Starbucks regularly releases new designs and I am very excited for their new one because it is a collaboration with Vivienne Tam, featuring her iconic Bird and Flora print. A little too girl for straight guys, but very beautiful, no doubt about it. Available for an initial consumable load amount of P1,000, the card will be available starting July 1, and there is a limit of two activated cards per customer per day. I totally understand why there is a limit. Just look at how beautiful the card is!

My green thingies card is so retiring soon!

And oh, for guys (and girls), currently available is their Scales card, featuring a blue fish scales design, available for an initial consumable load amount of P300.