I still can’t believe that Sadako is already in school – finally.

She is already six years old and should/could already be in Grade I, but she is just in Kinder 1. What happened was that last year her mom and I kept on arguing whether or not we should homeschool our daughter; next thing we knew it was December na!

Anyway, all is well that “ends” well – for me, coz I’m the one who wants Sadako to go to regular school.

Sadako started school last Monday and I made sure I’d be there, so I took a leave.

I was worried my daughter would have separation anxiety and cry and make a scene (a la Baste) so complete attendance kami on her first day of school.

Surprisingly, she was perfectly fine. No tears, no tantrums.

Sadako was very excited and cooperative and obedient and friendly. She even tried to sing along to the national anthem even if it was just her first time to hear it.

It’s been just a week so quite expectedly she is still excited with her new routine and environment. I myself am enjoying all this.

The other day I stuck labels on all her stuff, and wrapped all her books and folders in plastic – something I love doing and am proud to announce I am very good at.

And then next weekend I am buying my daughter a new set of clothes and shoes. That’s something I am very, very excited about.