Just like any concerned parent, I try to limit Sadako’s sweet intake. When she was younger, Sadako would easily get a sore throat or tonsillitis easily. Thank God that was just a phase. I’m also concerned about diabetes among children, so I really control how much sweet stuff she eats.

Despite this concern, I am also very much aware of the immense joy sweets bring, especially to a kid. I mean I myself go to chocolate whenever I’m down. So yeah, sweets are pretty much a part of our life.

What’s making us happy right now is Cadbury’s newest offering called 5star.  It is a blend of gooey caramel and a soft chocolatey center with crispy biscuits, wrapped in smooth Cadbury chocolate. It comes in two sizes: small, which is perfect for kids or for your office snack; and then the large, which is ideal when you want to reward yourself or when you feel really, really down.

I have a favorite way of eating 5star, thanks to a tip from Charo Lagamon, who is the external affairs manager of Mondelez (makers of Cadbury Dairy Milk and Toblerone). I like it cold. So before I eat one, I need to pop it in the ref and wait for about five minutes before I consume it. I just like it a little hard and extra chewy.

Sadako is not as choosy, on the other hand. Give her a piece of Cadbury 5star and she’ll eat it right away.