Sadako is a bangs baby. She’s always had bangs, and we’ve never grown it past her nose.

It’s coz of two reasons: 1. It’s pretty easy to maintain, 2. She looks good with bangs.

When it reaches her eyes and it ends up being annoying coz of all the hair-parting and eye-rubbing, we know it’s time for a haircut na. That means Honeybun or me cutting it. We did this for the first two or three years but when her hair grew super long to the point of being unruly and hard to maintain, we had to go to the kids salon where the hairstylist cut her hair, including her bangs.

But Sadako rarely goes to the salon coz we’re not so particular with the length of her hair. Just the bangs, really, which we can cut ourselves.

Just like most parents, I’ve ruined my kid’s bangs several times.

What happens: I cut her bangs. Di pantay so I cut it again. Uka-uka so I cut it again. Next thing I know she has an inch of bangs left.

The good thing is that she never seemed to mind. Besides, she’s not the only one who’s ever “suffered” from a bad haircut thanks to a parent who’s too cheap to bring their kid to the salon.

And hahaba din yun, di ba?

But I plan not to cut her bangs na ever again. Sadako’s starting school this year and I don’t wanna ruin her school life by ruining her hair.

Have you ever ruined your kid’s hair?