Alden Richards is the newest endorser of Swiss watch brand TechnoMarine, and to formally announce this, a press con was held in B Hotel last June 21, 2016.

My officemates and I got there early so we still got to say hello to Alden inside his room. In fact, we still got to record Alden inviting everyone to watch his Coca-Cola show with Maine Mendoza in Cebu the next day.

The actual press con was short and sweet, just the way I love it.

Alden shared that he’s always been a fan of the brand so he was really ecstatic when the endorsement deal pushed through. What does he like about the brand? “I really like that TechnoMarine is multi-faceted. I can wear it whether the engagement is formal or laidback. It can go from day to night so I don’t need to change watches,” he said.

TechnoMarine Marketing Manager John Paul Paglinawan later joined and announced their Ultimate Trade-Up promo where for the whole month of July you can trade your working or even non-working TechnoMarine watch, with or without a strap but with complete case, bezel, and mechanism, for a 40% discount on any new TechnoMarine watch.

Now that’s a deal, noh?

Two lucky members of the press won a brand new watch from a TechnoMarine, and it’s interesting how they were not watching a watch during the event – handang-handa to win!

Alden also got to plug his movie with Maine Mendoza entitled Imagine You & Me, plus – now this was a surprise even for me coz I didn’t know he’d announce it – the Alden Richards book he wrote, published by Summit Books. He’s been working on it for some months now, with the guidance and a little help from the great guys of Summit, of course, and I got to see the latest version last night. It’s looking good!

I know it will be released this July, same month their movie is coming out. I’ve read some tweets about how timing is bad, but oh well, you can’t please everyone. I just look at it this way: it is Alden’s gift for the fans; it is something the real fans would surely like to own and read and have autographed (coz yes, there will be a book-signing/launch event, of course). It doesn’t need to compete with the movie because it is a book. If you are on a tight budget, don’t worry because the book is not going anywhere. The book will just be in the bookstores even after the end of the movie’s run, so you can prioritize watching the movie if budget is limited. But buy the book pa din ha? ;)

Anyway, I just can’t wait for the movie to premiere and for the book to be released because I am so sure fans will love them. They were made for the fans, after all.

And if you think those are the only things Alden and Maine have in store for you guys, you’re definitely wrong. The two have been/will be working on some other exciting things that all of you must really, really watch out for. Promise.