I remember being addicted to game apps such as Flappy Bird, Boom Dots, and Candy Crush (just like everyone) before.

My newest addiction is one called CC-Tan. It’s a shooting game wherein you are an elephant and you need to shoot all these various shapes approaching you. Each one has a corresponding number that represents how many times you need to shoot it. The goal is to not let any of the shapes get to you.

It gets really exciting when there are lots of the “bad guys” na and I get into some sort of shooting frenzy. I especially like it when I get to shoot a) this green ball that gives me a little elephant shooting sidekick (enabling some back-to-back action), b) this light blue ball that makes me shoot out balls faster, c) this red ball that goes off like a bomb, obliterating bad guys nearby, or d) this pink ball that gives me a killer laser beam for several seconds.

There is no denying it has become an addiction for me. I play it anywhere, any time: at the office during lunch break, during shoots while waiting for the artist or the glam team, in restaurants while impatiently waiting for the food, at home before I go to sleep or while I watch TV or even while I’m writing (resulting to nothing, of course).

I have it in my iPad, my iPhone, my Samsung tablet, and my two Samsung phones, so I can play the game anywhere, any time.

I do not talk to anyone whenever I’m playing CC-Tan. You can talk to me but I’m not gonna reply to you. I even remember a lot of times I’d ask Sadako to stop talking to me because I needed to concentrate on the game.

It has become so bad that my eyes hurt after every game.

But I love my 20/20 vision.

And so last night I deleted the app from all my gadgets.

I’m heartbroken.

And very productive again, actually.