The Cenutry Tuna Superbods competition is close to my heart. I’ve covered it several times for Inquirer and each one was always so much fun. Apart from all the hot, sexy contestants and the fact that it was held in Boracay, each trip was always special because it’s like a summer outing with all these cool people from the PR agency and the other press/media people.

The last one I attended was back in 2012, where the highlight of my trip was meeting Anthony Pangilinan. Long story.

I didn’t get to attend the one last 2014, which turned out to be the last competition held in Boracay.

This year, the contest was held in Manila, and it looked really fun with all their activities around the metro. Actually, I think that’s a good move; I think it’s a great move to bring the contestants closer to those in the city as opposed to having them in Boracay again. It’s a refreshing change, especially considering they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.

The Superbods Nation 2016 Finals Night was held last Sunday, April 10, at the Palace Pool Club, and it was the first time I saw all the 26 contestants up close. As expected, I had so much fun. So many hot, sexy, attractive, perfect-looking beings!

It was great to see past winners, including my favorite girl Theresa Fenger aka Lana Roi of Eurasia. I was looking at all of them and I just couldn’t help but be happy for them because winning the prestigious competition sure has opened a lot of doors for them. Just look at Monika Sta. Maria, for example.

My other favorite segment was when the guys of Boys Nite Out and Sunshine Cruz introduced these regular guys and their transformation stories. I couldn’t stop looking at their before photos and then checking their current hot bods and then looking at their before photos again. Impressive.

Century Tuna gathered a lot of their endorsers, from Gloria Diaz (their first-ever endorser!), who was one of the judges that night, to their current roster of ambassadors. One of them is our very own Aljur Abrenica (remember his made-from-tuna hotdog commercial?) who looked really good when he did his walk onstage.

But back to the competition, I was rooting for the handsome Clint Bondad. I met him at the last Cosmo Bash and had so much fun with him (and Aaron de Tommaso) in the holding tent where we all got stuck inside because it rained. We talked about pancakes and farming and all sorts of stuff, but my favorite moment was when he asked me if I wanted a banana, and then he whipped out this huge plastic bag full of bananas!

Clint was so adorable that during the competition and I think he gave a solid performance. No need to say he looked hot coz duh, but apart from that he answered the questions charmingly, he had stage presence, and was just overall amazing. In fact, he won several of the special awards.

So imagine my disappointment and sadness (sadness talaga!) when he was called just 1st runner-up. :(

Sayang, but oh well. I know that this competition is just the start for Clint.

Besides, the male winner Tom Esconde is undeniably handsome, as well, and I am sure he deserves to win, too. It’s also great to know that they’re all friends so I am sure they’re pretty happy for each other.

So yeah, the handsome and modelish Tom Esconde and the gorgeous Olivia Medina won this year’s competition.

Kuya Clint Bondad and Ambra Gutierrez (one of my two female bets) were declared first runners-up.

My crass Ali Khatibi and Chet Abella (my other female bet) were declared second runners-up.

And oh, great job hosting Gelli Victor, Teresa Herrera, and Marc Nelson! I met Gelli in Boracay and she should be bigger than the already big Gelli she is now. She’s got skills.

I got reunited with a lot of people that night. I was seatmates with Tinna Bonifacio of StarStudio magazine and her son Julian, who was my roommate in Boaracay when we covered the competition in 2012.

It was also great to see Elmo Magalona again, who is now with ABS-CBN. I gave him a tight hug while Xian Lim was looking at us LOLERS. We don’t know each other kasi.

I saw Charlie Sutcliffe again and gave him a hug good enough for all the members of Juan Direction.

I also saw birthday boy JM Rodriguez, who was a little too far so we just exchanged flying kisses.

Fun, fun night. And I can’t wait to attend the next one whether it’s in Manila or Boracay.

Pero sana Boracay.