Just a couple of days ago, I caught Sadako in front of the TV set, holding her iPad Mini and taking a photo/video of a scene. This is a regular occurrence in our house. Sadako likes to take photos and videos of everything using her tablet, from her toys all laid out on the table to the people at home doing everyday things, from a YouTube unboxing video (from Disney Collector, of course) on her mom’s phone to her favorite Cartoon Network show.

This time was different, though. She was taking a photo of Judy Ann Santos and the late Rico Yan in an old movie being shown on CinemaOne. Oh, I forgot to mention it was a kissing scene – as in lips to lips, French kiss pa nga ata. This didn’t bother me. For crying out loud, it’s just Juday kissing someone – not Ara Mina or Coleen Garcia or Ellen Adarna!

However, I got intrigued when I heard that taking pictures of kissing scenes is now my six-year-old’s new hobby.

So far, she has pictures of kissing scenes of the following: Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson, Derek Ramsay and Coleen Garcia, Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano, and Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz.

Last weekend I was just at home with Sadako and I saw how she has become some sort of expert when it comes to kissing scenes. I say this because she is just in the sala playing a game on her mom’s phone while the maid is watching a movie on CinemaOne and she knows exactly when a kissing scene is about to take place. And I’m not talking about when the guy is already holding the girl’s face and they are just inches apart. She turns on the phone’s camera and runs towards the TV always in time for the kissing scene. She is serious and quiet and focused and cannot be bothered.

One time, she threw a tantrum because both her iPad and her mom’s phone were out of storage space and she knew a kissing scene was about to happen. She didn’t want to see it without her taking a photo of it. She deleted some photos and ended up having snapshots of the bidas kissing. All is well that ends well.

I still don’t know what this means. Quite honestly, I am not bothered. She hasn’t really talked about wanting to kiss anyone the way the movie stars kiss each other. More importantly, she hasn’t copied any of the kissing scenes she’s seen. I guess she just likes taking pictures of people kissing. I remember her taking photos of Disney princesses kissing their corresponding Prince Charmings not so long ago; she even used one as her wallpaper once.

So yeah, Sadako loves kissing scenes. She even takes pictures of them.

Check out Sadako’s Instagram account where you’ll find some videos of her throwing a tantrum because her phone’s storage space was full so she couldn’t take a photo of move stars kissing: @iloveyousadako on Instagram.